Daily Sales on Demand

It's Time to Revolutionize the SALES PROCESS!


Daily Sales on Demand

It's Time to Revolutionize the SALES PROCESS!

You Have What it Takes to Create a Life You Love.

You're tired of working 9-5, in an office, waiting for someone to notice that you're busting your ass, just so you can earn yourself a small raise.

Running a business is not for everyone. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't still have control over your time and the amount of money you make.

Create a 6+ Figure Income as a Social Seller.

Time and financial freedom are created when you master the skills you need to create a 6-figure income working remotely.

Stop living your life on someone else's terms. Ditch the time cards, ditch the 9-5, and ditch the idea of a capped salary. It's time to take control of your time, income, career, and ultimately, your life.

Elevate Your Business by Closing Sales Daily.

You're ready for more. You have what it takes to create a 7+ figure empire without trendy tactics.

It's time to elevate your business to the next level, and set yourself up for long-term, sustainable success, by using the strategies that have worked for YEARS regardless of the size of your team or what industry you're in.

our mission

Revolutionizing The Sales Process.

For the high-achiever who wants more out of their career…
We are on a mission to create more time and financial freedom opportunities for high-achievers.  We’ll help you learn the art of human-to-human connection so you can master NEW sales process and create a life you love! 

For the CEO & Entrepreneur who like to dream big… 
We are on a mission to create 7 & 8-figure sales systems within your organization by helping you (and your team) mastering the art of social selling. We’ll help you set up a winning sales culture, so you can experience maximum results using the NEW sales process! 

A Powerful Team

Kelly Roach & Ryann Dowdy

While Kelly Roach is most recently known as the creator of The Live Launch Method and The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, she got her starts in sales at a Fortune 500. Within 8 years she was promoted 7 times, eventually becoming the youngest Senior VP in the company. During her time in corporate, she led a team of over 100, across 17 locations, breaking every possible sales record around.

Before starting her own business, Ryann Dowdy spent 15 years in the corporate world building multi-million dollar sales organizations for start-ups in the marketing space. From sales rep and individual contributor to Director of Sales – Ryann has mentored, managed, and trained thousands of sales reps. 

Today, this powerful duo is generating over 8-figures in recurring revenue thanks to the tactics inside of the Daily Sales on Demand Accelerator and the curriculum used in the Social Sellers Academy.

They’ve helped hundreds of business owners (and their teams) master the art of sales and create massive business results.

Your business is next.

Daily Sales on Demand

These CEOs have trusted us to train their social sellers for them… and they’re not disappointed with the results! 

"I'm hitting a record sales month, and it's my first month inside the Academy. I truly believe this is due to the support and training they offer on a daily basis. My sales person came in with ZERO experience. She participated in several role-play events and three weeks later, she felt CONFIDENT in her sales role."
Dottie Eller
Owner, Virtual Assistant Services​
"I have participated a several sales training programs. This is remarkably inexpensive for the amount of time, energy, and effort that goes into training and coaching your sales person. My sales person who just started a couple weeks is inside the Academy. She is in the same place as my sales person who started months ago (before we knew the academy existed)!"
Allison Williams
Owner, The Law firm Mentor
"My own confidence (even as a leader) has grown in less than one month. I'm taking what I'm learning back to my team, and their confidence and performance has skyrocketed."
Kayleigh Kennedy
Sales Leader for Danielle Amos

You can do it alone... but you don't have to.

Mastering the NEW sales process is THE most profitable decision you will ever make. 

If you are looking to learn to identify who to engage with, how to engage, and how to build relationships and close sales more consistently, this community is the absolute best place you can hang out.