3 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Is Underperforming

“I’ve hired salespeople, but they are not driving the revenue or sales that I want them to be. Why are they underperforming?” 

There are a lot of possibilities for why your sales team may be underperforming — but they all come back to 3 core reasons.

1. They don’t know what’s expected of them.

As CEOs, we consistently make the mistake of measuring performance against results. 

The truth is, before your sales reps can succeed, they first need to understand the metrics, numbers, and sales system that will help them to close sales and bring in revenue. 

  • Do they know what they should be doing every single day?
  • How they should be spending their time? 
  • How many people they should be talking to? 
  • How many consultations they should be running? 
  • How many new people they should be bringing into your ecosystem? 

Once you’ve given your sales team a clear roadmap and outline of what they should be doing day in and day out, then you’re ready to determine if they really are underperforming. 

2. They are not talking to enough people. 

  • Is the goal to close one sale a week?
  • Two sales a week?
  • One sale every day?

The statistics say that about 3% of your leads are ready to buy right now. 

That means that out of every 100 people in your ecosystem, 3 of them have the cash and are ready to make a buying decision.

So if you want your sales reps to close three sales each week, they need to have at least 400 leads in their pipeline. 

And not just any leads — 400 qualified people who they are actively in conversation with. 

In my experience, most organizations are grossly underperforming in this area because they count every single member of their Facebook group, every Instagram follower, and every LinkedIn connection as a lead.

3. They aren’t getting enough ongoing support. 

A mistake that I unfortunately see companies make when they bring in new hires is to put them through a few weeks of training and then they leave them to go out and run.

It doesn’t matter how good your onboarding is — your team needs ongoing support. 

They need to be in conversation with you every single day. 

They need you running sales team meetings every single week. 

They need one-on-one time with you, where you audit their direct messages, walk them through their leads, and help with the mindset issues that come up along the way. 

To build a high-performing sales team, you have to give each and every member the support they need to be successful. 

Yes, it will require a lot of time, energy, and effort on your part — but it will be more than worth it in the long run. 

So, why is your sales team REALLY underperforming and what can you do to help?

The first step to determining why your sales team is underperforming is to ask yourself whether they are in fact the problem, or if the problem is that you have not set them up for success.

  • Do they have clear guidelines on what’s expected of them, including a daily plan and formula for success? 
  • Do they have enough qualified leads in their database?
  • Are they receiving the coaching, accountability, and ongoing support they need to be successful?

By ensuring you have each of those 3 core areas covered you will likely see a dramatic increase in the performance of your sales team!

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