What Is a Social Seller and Do You Need One in Your Business?

Have you heard of the term “social seller”?

It’s a bit of a buzzword in the online business world right now, so I want to clarify what exactly it is that social sellers do and how you can decide if your business needs one.

A social seller plays the same role in your company as an outside sales rep, except they leverage social media to make sales. 

They can boost sales dramatically for just about any service-based business by going out into the world, building relationships, qualifying prospects, and solving problems.

So how do you know if you need a social seller in your business? 

There’s a few questions you should ask yourself if you’re considering bringing a social seller on to your team.

How much time are you spending on sales calls?

Are you closing sales in your business every single day? 

Do you have a predictable, repeatable process where you’re able to bring clients in, both inside and outside of launch? 

If your answer to those questions is, “Uhhh, I spend most of my time on sales calls and have ZERO clue where my next sale is coming from…” 

Then you need a social seller. 

You need somebody who can drive revenue without you taking any more sales calls.

As a sales coach, I often see high 6, 7, and 8 figure CEOs become the bottleneck in their business. 

They have a team and they’re great at delegating and outsourcing, but sales is the one thing they won’t relinquish control of.

They believe that their prospects want to talk to them, and only them, and that no other person can truly understand their business the way they do. 

But that is just not true. 

Every Fortune 500 company out there leverages sales reps, and has done so for years and years.

Those CEOs are not out in the world, building those relationships and signing those clients — because that is the role of their outside sales reps. 

It’s the same for you, whether you sell products, courses, coaching, strategy, or even done-for-you services. 

People want their problems solved, and they don’t care who is doing the solving.

So if you’re having a hard time bringing in consistent sales, it might be time to bring on a social seller and leverage them to out and build those relationships!

That way, you’re not dependent on advertising, launches, or any other outside factors. You have somebody whose entire job is to build relationships and make sales for you.

Don’t let the term “social seller” drive you crazy — they are simply a person on your team who can drive revenue in your business every single day, regardless of whether or not you’re on vacation for three weeks.

And if that sounds like a dream come true, then yes, you do need a social seller! 

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