Give Yourself a 7-Figure Raise

If you have an audience online and you’re not leveraging social selling to communicate and connect with them, there is a very good chance that you’re leaving millions of dollars on the table.

Today’s consumer is smart, educated, and has a lot of options. 

If they never really interact with you or your brand, or see how it feels to be part of your ecosystem, it’s too easy for them to talk themselves out of buying your product or program. 

But when you have someone on your team whose job it is to have one-to-one conversations with your audience? 


Your conversion rates will increase DRAMATICALLY. 


Every fortune 500 company out there has a sales team that goes out into the world, builds relationships, solves problems, and signs clients. 

You can do the exact same thing in your online business.

Is it time consuming? Yes. But is it worth it? Of course!

Of course it is worth it for you to be able to make the impact that you want to make inside of your business. 

Because what’s important to you is that you’re making an impact, you’re driving revenue, and you are able to make an impact and be the change that you want to see in the world. 


And you can do that just by talking to the people who already follow you. 


They already like you. They’ve already said in some way, shape, or form that they’re interested in you and what you have to offer.

They’re watching from afar because it’s really easy to hide, just watching your Instagram stories and reading your emails, without ever actually converting. 

But when someone on your team is willing to take 20 minutes to get on a phone call, to hear their story, to hear their situation, to hear what’s going on in their business… 

And then to make them feel confident, secure, and excited about investing in your services…. 


Your results go through the roof. 


Now, I’m not saying do away with your funnel. If the funnel works, game on, let’s do it right.

But what happens to those people after they fall out of that funnel? 

We can’t keep trying to re-engage them with email or text messages. It’s just too easy to ignore. 

We need to re-engage them with a human. 

We need to re-engage them by extending a hand and saying, hey, let me help you. Let me have a conversation with you. Let me get to know you. 


When we take the time to actually get to know the people in our audience, two things happen. 


One, they buy from us, and two, they refer their network to us. 

Which means that in your existing right audience, right now, there could potentially be a 7-figure income stream.

So, what does this look like inside your organization? 

Keep it very simple. Hire a social seller and give them the job of going out and getting into conversations with your existing audience.

You’ll be amazed at the conversations they’ll be able to have, what you’re able to learn about your audience, and the number of people that you’re able to convert. 

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