The Shift from Automation to Human-to-Human Relationships

Automation is hot. For many years, we’ve been told to automate, automate, automate — with passive income streams, automated webinars, funnels, and mini courses. 

And that worked for a while. 

But there is a shift happening right now from automation to human-to-human relationships, and it is impacting high-level CEOs in a really big way.

Today’s consumer is over the webinar funnel. They are over the email campaign you have sent out thousands and thousands of times.

They want to feel seen, heard, and understood. They want to have a conversation with a human. They want to feel like they have a relationship with the company they are buying from. 

And because of this, so many people who might be perfect for your program are falling out of your funnel before they even know what you do. 

Let me give you an example… 

Say, for instance, that you have an evergreen webinar. 

You drive ads to the webinar, people sign up and watch it immediately. They go through the email sequence. Maybe they join your Facebook group or follow you on Instagram. 

  • But they don’t know if it’ll work for them. 
  • They’re not a hundred percent confident that the timing is right. 
  • They’re not sure that they can afford it.

Sure, you can address those objections in your sales copy and FAQs…

But imagine if there was a human who actually went out and had that conversation? 

A person who reached out and said, “Hey, I noticed that you didn’t buy the program. I’d love to have a conversation about what’s going on with you and how it relates to your decision.”

When people feel seen, heard, understood, listened to, and connected with in some way, they are so much more likely to make that purchase. 

Online entrepreneurship has gone all the way over to automation. 

It’s all about making more money while doing less. 

And no, of course I don’t want you working around the clock. I don’t want you working 80 hours a week. 

That is not what this is about. 

This is about making sure that you have that human-to-human element in your business, because it’s very likely that you’re leaving money on the table without it. 

Traditional offline entrepreneurs and companies all have sales people inside of their businesses, because they understand that a sales page is often not enough.

  • What about the buyer who takes a little bit longer to decide? 
  • What about the buyer that really wants to talk through something specific? 
  • What about the buyer that is terrified to invest in themselves?

By having a conversation with someone on your team and actively talking about what’s going on in their life and their business, those buyers are much more likely to actually work through those fears and uncertainty and feel supported in their purchasing decision. 

So, look at your business. How can you implement that human-to-human element? 

My recommendation is to hire a social seller. 

Because having a person on your team who is out there, day in and day out, building relationships, solving problems, and becoming a trusted advisor to your community can literally make millions and millions of dollars worth of difference in your business.

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