5 Daily Habits of Sales Rockstars

There are 5 things that successful sales reps should be doing every single day inside of your business.


#1: Map Out Their Calendars:

  • This is what I’m doing today.
  • These are my activity blocks.
  • These are my time blocks.
  • This is who I’m following up with.
  • This is who I’m reaching out to.
  • This is how many new leads that I’m identifying.
  • This is what my sales calls look like.


Successful sales reps have a plan.

As their leader, make sure that you create a culture where they actually have time to plan their day. I typically recommend at the end of a day sitting down for 15 or 20 minutes, taking a look at the following day.

  • What’s going on?
  • What’s missing?
  • What’s not missing?
  • What do I need to add more of?
  • Where am I at so far this week in regards to my metrics and my KPIs?
  • Where do I need to turn it up or turn it down?


Having time to plan for their day is going to set them up for success.

Make sure that they know what those KPIs and metrics are.

They can see how much they’ve accomplished in a day, and decide what they need to do tomorrow to make sure they are on track to hit their goals.


#2: New Business Development:

Even if you are providing leads through ads, or through an existing warm audience, we want to make sure that there’s time to reach out to new people.

This is a common problem that we see in more experienced sales reps. They have a tendency to keep going back to the same people over and over and over again.

In order for your business to grow, for them to be able to close deals every single day in their businesses, which we ultimately want, they have to make sure that there’s new business development on their calendar and this is part of their daily plan.


#3: Nurture Existing Relationships:

It’s not just about new business development, they’re also making sure that they’re moving the current relationships that they have forward.

We tend to see this as a balancing act. Picture a teeter totter. We don’t want it to be all new business development, and we don’t want it to be all nurture. It needs to be a balance of the two.

There has to be a time block on their calendar for new business development, lead generation, reaching out to people who they’ve never had a conversation with or re-engaged with people who have never responded.

Then turning back around to make sure that who am I currently in conversation with or who I was in conversation with three weeks ago, that told me to circle back with them at this time.

There’s definitely a time block for new business development. But there needs to be a time block for existing conversations. Do not miss this step.

While this  is an obvious part of sales, we often forget to put this in our calendar. Seems obvious right? If it’s not on your calendar, you’ll forget. So,make sure that this is a calendar block. Make sure you have metrics and  KPIs around how many conversations are we moving forward every single day.


#4 Connect Calls:

 Our goal, our expectation, our KPI, is three connect calls every single day.

Connect calls are fantastic for a lot of reasons.

  • They are excellent networking opportunities.
  • They are excellent ways to practice talking about your business.
  • They are excellent ways to build relationships very quickly.

The purpose of the connect call is to be a qualification conversation.

While  we are capable of qualifying them in DMs based on what we can tell about them online, this is the fastest way to qualify someone in a conversation.

That connect call is a great opportunity to build relationships and ultimately qualify.

  • Does this person belong in our database?
  • Is this someone who would buy from us?

As sales rockstars, they’re having those connect calls every day.

They’re building those new relationships.

This ties directly into the business development.


#5 Sales Calls:

Your sales team should be running sales calls every single day.

Our expectation is two consultations every single day. Your sales rockstars should have two opportunities where they’re asking for business every single day.

Ultimately, that gives us 10 opportunities a week. If we’re having 10 sales conversations and a 50% close rate…  that’s the formula for the sale every single day.

But the problem is that most sales reps don’t have enough sales conversations on their calendar to hit that daily sale every single day.

Take some time to map this out.  If you’re a sales rep – what does this look like for you? If you’re the CEO, what does this look like for your team?

  • What does an eight hour day for your or your sales team look like?
  • How should that time be divided up?


Follow these steps, and you’re going to create a high performing sales role (or team) that is crushing your goals.

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