Does Cold Outreach Even Work?

The answer is yes. Yes, yes. And more. Yes. 

I consider any opportunity where we’re meeting somebody new, a stranger somewhere, cold outreach.

When you do cold outreach correctly, when you do it from a place of service, when you do it from a place of making it about the person on the other end of the message, that is when cold outreach is effective. 


  • We need to change our mindset. And we need to decide that this is not cold outreach. This is building relationships with new people.
  • Determine if a message we are sending sounds like something we would say in person
  • When we do cold outreach, it needs to be about the other person, it needs to be through the lens of, what’s in it for them.


Your response rate will go through the roof when the messages you send, tell them what’s in it for them and show that it’s personalized to them, specifically.


Soft Approach Example

Let’s say that we connect to somebody on Instagram and they fit the profile of our ideal client.

I’m going to go follow them, comment on a couple of their posts and take two minutes to get to know this person.

I’m going to send him a DM, “Hey, Sarah, I was just reading through your feed, and I love your thoughts on this, this and this. It’s just really great to be connected with you.”

Most of the time, people will respond to someone who is complimenting them or who says something nice about them.


With social media we have the opportunity to learn more about our prospects and target our message. 



Direct Approach Example

To be a little bit more direct I might say, “Hey, Sarah, I’ve been going through your Instagram feed. I love the stuff that you do. I think that it’s great.”(Here’s why; Be specific) “Listen, I’m reaching out because we help businesses that look like yours, that have this specific problem, get this specific result, is that something you would be interested in learning more about?”

Not only am I saying I took a little time to do research, but im also saying the reason I’m reaching out is because I’m being direct.

We’re using specific words about their business,  making it about them and sharing the problems that we solve and the results that our clients are getting. It allows us to show that we actually show an interest.

Are we going to get a yes, every time? Absolutely not. But we’re probably not going to get blown off or ignored nearly as often.


We can only expect a certain conversion percentage from Facebook ads, DMS, emails, cold calls, anything. We can expect a 20 to 30% response rate from our cold outreach online.

You’re going to get no’s , you’re going to get ignored, but your likelihood of being responded to or at least being told no, is so much higher, when it is personalized and specific.

When we feel seen and heard as an individual receiving that message, we’re way more likely to respond even if that response is a “No, thank you.”


So to answer the question, does cold outreach work? The answer is 100%, yes.

To be more effective at cold outreach:

  • It needs to be personalized.
  • It needs to be specific.
  • You need to take your time and actually focus on the individual.


See that person as one person I get to serve today. I’m not thinking how can I sell something to this person today, I’m thinking ‘how can I serve this person today?’. 

How can I make sure even if they never buy anything from me that they feel like they had a positive experience interacting with me. That should be your goal. 

And when that is your goal, when they do have the problem that you solve or they’re ready to make a buying decision.


We want them to think of you first.

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