4 Secrets to Sales Success

I’m going to walk you through four things that are mission-critical for you to be a successful sales rep or for you to successfully make sales as an entrepreneur. For you to close business early and often, there are four things that you need to do to be successful in sales.


Before I dive in, these are not going to be the things that you think they are. I am not going to give you actionable things to do. I’m not going to give you a script to read. I am not going to tell you the exact thing to say or do, or the exact combination of activities that are going to help you hit your goals. What I’m going to tell you is that there are four things that you have to do day in and day out that have nothing to do with the “How-to” of sales.


#1 Belive in your Sucess

The first thing that you have to do to be successful in sales is believe that you can be successful in sales.


You have to believe:

  • In the product that you’re selling
  • That people want the product
  • That you have the ability to build relationships
  • That you have the ability to solve problems for people and get paid to do it


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a salesperson, it all starts with your beliefs. Coming out of the corporate world, I always thought it was about how to give me the right formula, give me the right thing to say, give me the right lead list, and I will be successful. It took me a very long time and I hope that I can save you a lot of years and a lot of frustration, looking for the secret sauce when it comes to what to do in sales, because ultimately if you don’t believe in your product. If you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in the price point if you don’t believe that what you do is important, you will continue to struggle in sales.

It doesn’t matter:

  • How good you are
  • How good your script is
  • How magical it is
  • If you’re the cheapest or the most expensive
  • If you have the right audience or the wrong audience

It all comes back to our belief in our product. Our belief in ourselves and our belief in the ability to get the job done.

I highly recommend that you take a look inside and really think about:

  • Do I believe in what I do?
  • Do I believe that I can be successful?
  • Do I believe that the product that I sell is the best product or service for the people that I serve?

If the answer is no, then you will continue to struggle in sales. It doesn’t matter, it’s not about the script. It’s about your belief and it takes time and it takes practice to really build that belief, but once we do believe, once you believe in yourself and once you believe in what you’re selling, the sky’s the limit.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a sales rep or an entrepreneur, it all starts with belief in what you are doing because when you believe what you do is the best thing in the world, it will be impossible to not sell it. When you believe what you do is the most powerful way to get somebody a transformation or to get a result from somebody, it will be impossible for you to struggle to sell it.



#2 Be Enthusiastic 

The second most important thing you need to do to be successful in sales is you need to be enthusiastic. Even if you believe, if you can’t portray that belief to somebody else or if you can’t transfer your energy to somebody else, then you will continue to struggle. I’ve heard multiple different people say that sales is the transfer of inspiration. Sales is the transfer of energy and if I don’t show them physiologically or if I don’t show up as somebody that people want to be around, then no one’s gonna want to buy anything from me.

Doesn’t matter if I believe in my product or service. Doesn’t matter that my product or service is amazing. Some of you are like but wait, I’m not enthusiastic. I don’t want to be bubbly. I’m not like you, Ryann, I don’t talk faster with my hands. That’s what I have to be. Everybody’s version of enthusiasm is different.

For me, I talk a lot. I talk a lot and I talk fast. I talk with my hands. I’m one version of enthusiastic. Think of the people in your world that you want to spend time with. Think of the people in your world that you think:

  1. I want what they’re having
  2. I want to spend more time with that person
  3. I want to hear more of what that person has to say
  4. I just really want to be around that person

My guess is that person is enthusiastic. They’re not negative. They’re not boring. They’re not monotone. They’re not flat. They’re enthusiastic. They’re excited about life. When we are excited and when we are enthusiastic, we can then transfer that inspiration, which will ultimately lead to sales.


#3 Be Persistent

The third secret to success in sales is persistence. We live in an instant gratification society. I love Amazon Prime but it has created this space where we should be able to order in the morning and have it in our mailbox by the end of the day. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look success should be happening overnight.

When it’s not happening overnight for you, you think that:


  • There’s something wrong with you
  • You need a better script
  • You need better leads
  • Something has gone wrong


In today’s climate, sales is a very challenging thing to do, but the people who are most successful are those that are the most persistent. The persistence ties directly to your belief because when you believe that your product or program or service is the best thing since sliced bread, you will be persistent in sharing that with people. You will be enthusiastic about sharing that with people.

Do you see how these things work together? First, we have to believe. Then we have to be persistent. Go out and talk to people. Not to be annoying, not to be pushy, not to strong-arm people into buying with us, but to be persistent and get in front of the right people, so you can get them the transformation or the results that your product or program or service provides for them.

We have to be persistent. The data is now telling us that it can take 20 to 30 touches before somebody is paying attention to you. That requires persistence. Most salespeople give up after five or six. They send a couple of DMS, maybe they send an email, maybe they pick up the phone, make a phone call, maybe they interact a little bit on social media but when they don’t get the result that they want in five or six touches, they go away.


Which is good news for you because you’re watching this. Because now you know that the reason that they’re not getting clients is not that that’s not the right lead or they’re not interested, it’s just because they haven’t seen you often enough to feel like they know you or like you are trusting right.

We’ve all heard about the “Know, Like, and Trust Factor” in sales. We have to build that “Know, Like, and Trust Factor” and you have to do that by being persistent. If you are calling on a community of people who are highly sought after ideal clients, they’re getting a lot of messages. They’re getting a lot of people reaching out to them. They have a lot of people actively selling to them. Most people, and I can tell you as somebody who gets a lot of people reaching out to me, reach out once or twice and I never hear from them again.

Persistence is so important. I strongly believe that persistence builds skill. You can have the best script and have the exact right things to say and be amazing, but if you are giving up before you actually have an opportunity to swing the bat, you’re in trouble. Persistence is so important.


#4 Practice Makes Perfect

The final thing that leads to success in sales is practice. My business partner, Kelly Roach, has said over and over again that we have to train for business and sales like athletes train for sport. We have to train for sales, like athletes train for sport.


We have to practice. When we think of basketball players, nobody just picks up a basketball and is a rock star at shooting free throws. It doesn’t happen. Nobody just sits down in front of the piano and is amazing at playing the piano. How do they get amazing? How do you make sure that you can shoot a free throw with your eyes closed? How can you play the piano without meeting sheet music? Through practice.


As salespeople, the secret to success in sales is the secret to success in anything in life, which is practice. They say that mastery takes 10,000 hours.


We have to:

  • Practice
  • Roleplay
  • Say it over and over again
  • Know exactly what to say when we get that objection
  • Know exactly what to say when we’re reaching out to somebody new

It has to come as second nature and the only way that those things come as second nature is to practice. So whether it’s practicing by yourself or recording yourself practicing with a member of your team. If you’re on a sales team, if you’re an entrepreneur, practicing with somebody in your mastermind, but the more that we practice, the better that we get.

The secrets to sales, my friends, it’s not the fancy scripts and the perfect thing to say at this place in this place. What it really comes down to is:

  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you believe in the product or the service that you’re selling?
  • Do you believe in the transformation that you’re providing?
  • Are you communicating that enthusiastically?
  • Are you being persistent in reaching out to people?
  • Are you practicing your craft?
  • Are you training for your craft?


When you do those four things, you can not lose.

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