Asking Lazy Questions

Stop Asking Your Potential Clients Lazy Sales Questions.



Successful sales reps and entrepreneurs don’t ask lazy questions.

A lazy question is any information that you could have gotten yourself had you done your research. If you could have found the answer before you sent the message, showed up on the call, sent the email, or however you’re communicating…  it’s a lazy question. Plain and simple.

When you ask somebody, “Can you tell me about your business?” it’s a lazy question because you easily could have gone to their website, looked at their social media profiles, or taken 10 minutes to do a little bit of research before that conversation.


Why is it important to not ask lazy questions?

Reason 1 – because it’s lazy. But aside from just that, it shows the potential client that you’re not that interested, or that you couldn’t be bothered.

People want to feel seen, heard, understood.

They want to feel important. They want to feel like they matter. When we show up on a call, completely unprepared, with no information, and no preparation at all, that is translating into “It really wasn’t worth my time to do this research” – and who wants to buy something from someone who can’t be bothered?

Let’s say you went to their website, and you couldn’t find their services. Instead of “What do you do?” You could say: “I spent some time on your website and it wasn’t really clear, the services that you offer. Do you mind talking me through this?”

Or “Hey I did some research, I checked out your Instagram, and it wasn’t super clear to me on the exact service you provide. Could you explain?”

This tells them you tried to do your research, you tried to pay attention, you tried to show up prepared, but you couldn’t find what you were looking for. Which is far better than “What do you do?” which translates into “I did zero research.”

When you reach out to a prospective client, whether you are doing some cold outreach or prospecting, whether it’s a connection call or a sales call, we want to be as prepared as possible. There is no substitution for being prepared when it comes to sales.

This doesn’t have to be time consuming. Taking even two minutes to do a cursory glance to ask a question that you couldn’t find by doing the research will make a huge difference.

My inbox is full of messages from people who ask me what kind of coaching I do. Which indicates that they did no research on me whatsoever because everywhere that you can connect with me it makes it very clear that sales is my jam.


  • Take some time.
  • Do a little bit of research.
  • Ask thoughtful, thought-provoking questions.

Bottom Line: Be prepared for the sales conversation, excited about the sales conversation, interested in the conversation with the person on the other end, and your sales conversations (and ultimately close rate) will go so much better.


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