How to Get Your Ideal Clients Attention Online Leveraging Social Selling

I will walk you through six specific things that you can do to get the attention of your ideal client.

But before we can drill down into the tactics, I really want to make sure that we are reaching out to the right people. One of the reasons that we struggle sometimes getting in front of our ideal clients is we’re actually reaching out to the wrong people or we’re reaching out to as many people as we can without a real strategy. So for what I teach you today to really work, we need to make sure that we fully understand our ideal client.

We know:

  • Who they are
  • What their problems are
  • What they’ve tried in the past
  • How they talk about their problems
  • The language that they use
  • What’s keeping them up at night
  • What their biggest challenges and frustrations are

Because if you don’t know those things, what I’m about to teach you is not going to help.

#1 Personalize your message

First things first, one of the most important things that you can do if you’re doing any kind of engagement or outreach on social media, is to personalize your message. Personalize your message. No fake personalization allowed. Actually take the time to read their content or look at their website. However you can learn information about them and make sure that that first message that they get from you is personalized.

If it is a copy and paste or if they feel like you have not taken any time, effort or energy to personalize that message, trust is instantly lost. Messaging campaigns, outbound reads– it’s all about building relationships. Sending a message to someone that you could have sent to 247 other people is instant loss of credibility. So we want to make sure that whatever message that we’re sending is personalized to that that it is something specific about them, their business, their life, their content on social media.

#2 Engage on their Content

The second way to get the attention of your ideal client online is to actually engage on their content. The advice I will give you here is very similar to my first tip, it has to be personalized engagement. You can’t just drop a fire emoji and run. That is not engagement. That is not any way of showing, “Hey, I’m interested in getting to know you or build a relationship with you.”

If you’re on Instagram:

  • Read the entire caption
  • Watch the entire reel
  • Watch the entire igtv
  • Comment something thoughtful and interesting

So first of all, for sending any messages, those need to be personalized. Second of all, we need to be engaging on their content regularly in order to get their attention. We need to create some familiarity and engaging on their content in a really thoughtful way is a great way to get their attention.

#3 Be Direct

The third thing that you need to do to get the attention of your ideal client is to be direct in your message.

This is going to vary depending on who your ideal client is. We find that there is a difference depending on who you’re calling on, what type of business, what role inside of a business, but generally speaking, most people put up their guards when a stranger on the internet pops into their inbox.They’re like, “What does this person want?” or “What are you doing here.” We highly recommend being direct in your message:

“I am reaching out to you because ________.”

What’s important here is not only to be direct, but what’s in it for them. Being direct but also talking about what’s in it for them.

“I am not reaching out to you to book a meeting on your calendar so I can tell you how amazing I am, I am reaching out to you because we see clients like you have this specific problem, and I’m reaching out to see, is this a problem that you are struggling with, if so I welcome a conversation.”

Be specific. Be direct. Make it about them. Great ways to get their attention is to personalize your message, make sure you’re engaging on their content in a thoughtful way, and then make sure that you’re directing your message. You tell them what you want in the lens of what’s in it for them.

#4 Provide Value

The fourth thing that you need to do is you need to provide value. An excellent way to get people’s attention is to share resources. Do you have:

  • An article
  • A blog
  • A podcast
  • A video
  • Some sort of training or something that would be interesting

Whether it was produced by you and your company or produced by somebody else, what would be interesting.

For instance, “Hey Mr. CFO, I found this really interesting article about what’s going on in the tax laws in 2021, so I wanted to share this.”

#5 Be Persistent

Another thing that’s really, really important in trying to get your ideal clients attention is that you have to be persistent. If your inbox looks anything like mine, it is full of one message from a whole lot of people. They reach out once. They make the message all about them. There’s no personalization. Then they move on and I never hear from them again.

Even if that person has said or done something interesting, or has a service that maybe I’m interested in buying, I don’t know because they’ve only reached out to me once and they’ve made the message all about them. Sales is about persistence and consistency.

The data is telling us that the numbers are higher than we thought that they were in order to get someone’s attention. So it’s really, really, really important to get their attention by being persistent and understanding that we’re looking upwards of 20+ contacts and touches with any one given lead to even get their attention. We have to be persistent to get their attention.

Think of how you consume information. Think about how many messages you get in any given day and I don’t just mean DMs. Look at what you’re consuming. How many Tik Toks do you watch? How many Instagram stories? How many articles you read? Are you listening to a book? There’s so much coming at us today, that what we have a tendency to do is just kind of gloss things over. In order to really get their attention, you have to be persistent.

#6 Explore Across Multiple Social Media Channels

Finally, an excellent way to get your ideal clients attention is to vary your touch points across other social media channels. Social selling is about social. It’s about building relationships. If you’re starting on Instagram, bounce to Facebook or LinkedIn and see if you can connect with them there. If you’re starting on LinkedIn, can you connect with them on Facebook and Instagram? Really figuring out where people spend their time is important.

Just because you spend your time on LinkedIn or you found them on LinkedIn, doesn’t mean that that’s their network of choice or that that’s where they spend time. In order to get their attention, you might have to bounce to another social platform in effort to stand out.

Let’s recap. What do we need to do to get our ideal clients attention? How do we stand out?

First, analyze the past to personalize our message. No fake personalization allowed. We have to engage on their content in a meaningful and thoughtful way. We have to be direct, tell them what they want through the lens of what’s in it for them. What’s in it for them? We have to be persistent and we have to be prepared to reach out in a lot of different ways. Finally, a great way to get their attention is to vary your social media channels. What field do they spend time on? How can you get their attention?

If you want more tips, tricks, ideas, and resources on how to leverage social selling inside of your organization, follow us over on Instagram @SocialSellersAcademy and we will see you in our next lesson.

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