High Ticket vs Low Ticket Sales

I want to talk to you about the difference between high ticket and low ticket sales.

I recently had the client reach out to me and say, “Hey, we have been working with clients who are selling things somewhere between the $5,000 to $8,000 range. But we’ve got these new clients on that coming on that are selling things are in the $20,000 or $30,000 range. Is there anything different in the sales process? What would you change when selling something for $1,000 versus $20,000 to $30,000.”

I believe that fundamentally sales is sales, so the process does not change.

What does have to change when you’re working with a more sophisticated buyer is when you are asking for more money, is that you have to:

     Be really good at understanding your ideal client

     Be able to speak directly to their pain


     Speak in generalizations

     Paint broad brushstrokes

When you’re selling something that is a little bit lower ticket, even if it you know $997 offer or something along those lines, you can generalize the results. You can generalize who it’s for, and that will work.

But when you’re trying to get somebody to give you $30,000 to invest in your products or programs or services, we have to be really clear at saying:

     I get you

     I understand you

     I know your problem

     I know what you’ve tried in the past to solve this problem

     I know all of the drama that you’ve had around solving this problem

     I know why this is keeping you up at night

     I know exactly how to get you the transformation that you need

And when you can speak with that conviction when you can have conversations with that level of certainty, people are going to feel more certain that you can get them results. They will be way more likely to give you larger sums of money. When you’re not speaking with that level of certainty. That level of confidence. When they don’t feel like you really truly get that they’re not willing to invest $30,000, but they might be willing to invest $3,000 because they’re willing to try. 

When we’re selling high ticket, we have to get better and better at communicating:

     Our offers

     Our services

     The transformation that we get

     The results that we get

     With our clients about that we understand their problem

We know what they’ve tried in the past. We know where their frustration is. We know what objections they have to buying from us. When we can show them that, they will be way more willing to make that larger investment.

The process doesn’t change. How you communicate has to change. That is the difference between high ticket and low ticket sales.

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