Organic Lead Generation

This conversation is actually more important now than ever because of everything that is going on with social media and the rollout of iOS 14. Some changes and glitching in different advertising platforms have made it so organic lead generation is an important part of your strategy. If you’re not doing this or a member of your team is not doing this, you want to start doing this immediately.

The advantages of organic lead generation:

    It’s free, with the exception of
the time of your team

 We also tend to have a much higher
conversion rate in organic lead generation

    Instead of our clients picking us,
we get to pick them.

On the con side of it:

    It is a little bit more time-consuming. It is a longer game because we aren’t just targeting people with a specific ad at a specific time.

Let’s go through this. How do we even start an
organic lead generation strategy on social media?

Figure out your ideal platform(s)

First and foremost we want to make sure that we are on the platform that our ideal client is on.

I know that that sounds simple, but so often we like to be on a platform that we like, instead of the platform where our ideal client is. The good news is, unless you have a very, very specific audience, your people are pretty much anywhere and everywhere nowadays. It’s no longer just about oh well I’m in the business space so I’ve got to be on
LinkedIn or, I’m a photographer so I’ve got to be on Instagram.

Most people are on those platforms but you want to go where your ideal client is where they are currently spending time. If they’re in all the places, depending on your time and resources, you want to be in all of the places but typically when it comes to organic lead generation strategy, it just makes sense to find one platform pick that platform, and stick with that platform because it’s going to allow you to get in some of the reach and frequency that’s really important in lead generation.

#2 What
does your ideal client look like?

Figure out where people are online, but also making sure that we know what does the profile of our ideal client looks like online.

Go through this with your team:

  1. Pick out your very best clients
  2. Pull them up on social media
  3. Who are they? What are they talking about? What information do they share? What
    are some of the common denominators?

Then we can start hand-selecting our clients.

When we’re able to do that, you know that we can be really, really selective and your team can literally go out and prospect for you and handpick clients. Here are the 50 people that I have picked today that fit the criteria of our ideal client online.

Create a List of Ideal Clients

There’s a lot of different technologies you can use to do this. You can keep it simple as an Excel spreadsheet. We use Trello, which is not intended to be a CRM but it works. Just figure out what works best for you.

You want to find out where your people are online, you got to figure out what’s the profile of them and then you want to start creating a list of those people and saving them some sort of platform so you can continue to be in front of the same people over and over and over again.

Lead, Leads, Leads

You’re going to need a lot of leads. Remember the statistic that only 3% of our market is ready to buy at any given time. So you’re going to need a lot of leads, literally, hundreds if not thousands of leads. Finding new leads and generating leads and prospecting should be an active part of your organic lead generation strategy, there should be a metric for your team every day, how many new leads are they supposed to go out and
identify and possibly add to their lead database.

Connect and Engage

Depending on what you do and what kind of business that you have, this might look different for everyone. We are in the business-to-business space so, for us, it’s much easier to just send a direct DM right to another business owner.

But sometimes you can start with simple things like:

    Commenting on their social media

    Popping into their Instagram stories

    Responding to a story

    Making a comment about a podcast or a video that they shared

    Taking an article that they’ve shared on LinkedIn and making a comment on it

Really connecting and engaging is such an easy way to get on somebody’s radar. We want people to engage with us. We have to give engagement first. That’s the first step in getting people’s attention.

Personalize the Outbound Message

When you are finally ready to send an outbound direct message to that person, the most important thing that you have to do is make it about them.

Make it about them.

So often I see people that say, “Hey my name is blank and I do this and I do that,” And they think that they’re connecting. They think that like oh well we’re getting to know one another, we’re building a relationship but everybody’s favorite topic is themselves. We want that first piece of outreach to very much be about them. For example, “Hey I’ve been following you here on Instagram. I’ve checked out your podcast. I’m in your
Facebook group. I just love the things that you do”

Depending on your style some people like to be more direct go straight for an ask, an invitation to a conversion event or workshop, but we really recommend like focusing on building that relationship a little bit. “Hey, it’s great to be connected with you here on social media. I love the stuff that you’re sharing that you’re putting out. How did you get into whatever it is that you do?”

Just start a conversation with the person like you would in person. Do not overcomplicate this. There are no weird fancy things that we should be saying or doing we should literally just be talking to the humans.

We want to make sure that we make it about them, and our goal in our conversation is two things right:

  1. We are qualifying: is this person fit the criteria of an ideal client, are they
    somebody who would buy our services or somebody who would need our
  2. Build a relationship. I say everybody knows somebody, everybody knows somebody
    every opportunity every relationship, potential client potential referral
    potential collaboration partner and we don’t want to forget that so we
    want to make sure that we really are focused on the relationship first
    because you never know where all those relationships would go

Then your goal in this is either to invite this person directly to a consultation once we’ve determined that they are qualified or invite them to a webinar, a liveinar or launch, whatever conversion events you might have going up.

A couple of things too that I will caution you on when it comes to organic lead generation. Be prepared to be persistent. The  data now says that it takes between 12 and 16 touches for somebody to even start paying attention. Most salespeople go away after the second. They send one DM, they send the second DM, they do a little bit of engagement, they get no response back, and they leave it alone. We’re not even scratching the surface of getting on somebody’s radar with one or two or even three touches. We want to make sure that we’re being mindful of the idea of 12 to 16 touchpoints.

They need to see us. We need to build credibility. We need to be valuable to them so don’t be afraid to be persistent, don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there, and most
importantly, when you are trying to connect with potential clients online, we
want to be interesting. I always say to be the most interesting and most
interested person in their inbox.

How do we become interesting and interested?
By talking about them. By actually taking some time to learn a little bit more
about them. By actually read their stuff on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn
or wherever it is you were spending time with them, and then always bring it
back to them.

    What’s in it for them?

    Why should they have a conversation with you?

    Why should they pay attention to you?

That is the key to good organic lead

Recap for you:

out your platform.

Again ideally we’re in all the platforms but depending on your resources, pick one and own it.

Figure out what is the profile of your ideal client online.

What does it look like? What are we looking for?

Build a list of prospects.

Be prepared to literally build a list of 1000s of prospects. You don’t have to do this all in one day or one week. This is an ongoing thing. Just like it would be if you were running ads.

Start connecting and engaging regularly with the people on that list.

When it comes time to actually send an outbound message, make sure that it is about them. That it is very valuable. It’s interesting. It’s interested. Be prepared to be persistent in your lead generation efforts.

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