Your Pricing is NOT Your Problem

You don’t have a pricing problem, you don’t have a product problem or a time management problem, you have a pipeline problem. 

So often we connect with salespeople who come to us and tell us that it’s their:

     It’s their product

     It’s their program

     It’s the pricing

     The leads are crap

But really at the end of the day, the biggest problem that most sales professionals face is that they don’t have enough active conversations with new potential prospects to hit their sales goals.

Overall, as an industry, as sales leaders, as sales professionals, even as entrepreneurs and business owners, we severely underestimate the number of new people we need to be talking to at any given day or week to actually hit our sales goals. What winds up happening is we think that there are things wrong with our products or our pricing or the leads.

The data shows us that at any given time only 3% of the people in your ecosystem right now are actively ready to make a buying decision, which means the other 97% are not.

Depending on your sales goals and how many sales you need to generate to hit those goals, if you are not actively talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, then your pipeline is not full enough for you to hit your goals.

I want you to be really honest with yourself. How many brand new people are you starting conversations with any on any given day? Because if we don’t continue to push those new opportunities into our pipeline, we will continue to not bring out enough at the bottom.

Of course, new opportunities are fantastic but also making sure that we’re nurturing those existing opportunities is important as well.

Really take a look.

What is the problem?

Are you, if you’re being really honest with yourself, talking to enough new people?

Are you moving those conversations forward every single day, in a way that is actually setting you up for success to close as many deals as you need to, to hit your goals?



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