Are You Asking for the Sale?

FACT: 63% of all sales interactions end with the sales rep, not even asking for the sale. 

I have to tell you my friends if we don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you do not ask, the answer is always no.

6 out of 10 sales interactions end with sales reps not asking for the sale.

How are you ever going to hit your sales goals if you don’t actively ask for the sale?

Let’s talk about different ways that we can ask for agreement. We’re not just saying hey do you want to buy?

Simple questions like:

     Are you ready to move forward?

     Do you want to pay in full or would you like the payment plan?

     Do we want to go ahead and get your onboarding call set up now?

     Do you want me to send that contract to both you and your assistant?

We have to be asking for agreement throughout the sales conversation. The more that we ask, the more that we are going to hit yes and this is not just about asking for the sale in regards to asking for money.

     Are you asking for appointments?

     Are you making invitations to sales calls?

     Are you making invitations to pre-sales calls or connection calls?

     How many times are you actively asking for agreement with potential buyers?

The more that you ask, the more that you will hear yes and if you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

Here’s the deal. I know why we’re not asking. It’s because we’re terrified of rejection. You chose a career in sales, which means you get paid in direct relation to your ability to handle rejection. So the more that you can handle rejection, the more money that you make. The more you ask, the more opportunities that you have to book more sales calls close more business and ultimately make more money.

Remember, if you do not ask, the answer is always no.

Be a part of those people that are actively asking for agreement, every opportunity that you get. 

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