Best Tips to Better Qualify Your Prospects

Our goal in teaching our clients is to be sure that when they are getting on a sales conversation that they are getting in a conversation with somebody who is qualified to buy.

There are three things that are going to help you better qualify those buyers.

Historical Buying Decisions 

First and foremost, I like to know historical buying decisions. We find that history repeats itself.

If somebody has invested in the past to solve a problem, they will likely invest again to solve that same problem.

Look at what previous buying decisions someone has made that indicate that they are someone who is serious, about making a change serious about getting a result and is willing to invest to make that happen.

Can They Afford It?

Not everybody can afford your services and that is okay. In fact, we teach that we believe in high ticket pricing. We believe that the higher the investment, the better and  the bigger impact that we can make for our clients.

Not everyone is going to be a high-ticket buyer. So, what are some questions that you can ask to better understand the financial situation of your buyer?



Are they employed? 

What kind of business do they have?

How big is their business?

How many team members do?

Are they someone who even fits your criteria?

Because there might be a lot of people who need your stuff, but if they aren’t qualified, and if they can’t afford it… they don’t belong in your pipeline. 


Are They a Value Buyer or a Price Buyer?

In the business-to-business space, this is usually easy to figure out based on somebody else’s pricing,


If they sell a high-ticket offer, they value what a high-ticket offer brings to the table. 

In the business to consumer space, better understanding previous buying decisions

are going to help us understand this. If they’ve invested in other high ticket services, even if they aren’t in the same niche, they know the value of a high ticket offer. 


Knowing these things is going to help ensure that you’re not getting on the phone

with people who don’t value those same things because not everybody’s a

buyer for your product or services. 


We want to make the best use of your time in the sales conversations that you’re having by putting you on the phone or putting you in a zoom call or putting you in a conversation with the exact right buyer.


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