How Long Should I Pursue a Lead for my High-Ticket Service? (It’s Longer than You Think)

This is such a great question – and one we hear all the time inside of the Social Sellers Academy. 


How long do I pursue these leads for?

Answer? It’s totally up to you.



It is totally up to you how long you are willing to pursue a lead.

But first, I want you to look at qualification. 


Are we pursuing somebody long-term who is qualified? You can find this out by doing some research about them online or having a quick conversation with them. 


As long as somebody is fully qualified and I’m selling a high-ticket service of some kind,

I’m willing to pursue that lead for 12 months, 18 months, even 24 months.


I recently had a podcast guest (and if you don’t listen to our podcast, you should it’s called Daily Sales on Demand for CEOs), where he said he watched the coaching program that he’s in

for 18 months before he decided to join.


18 months before he decided to join that program.


Imagine had that salesperson been like “meh, you know, he’s taking too long to make a decision. I’m not interested.”


He would have lost the sale. He would have lost a lifelong client. 


Not only this guy join the coaching program, but he also instantly up leveled 

to a higher-level Mastermind. So, the lifetime value of that customer made a really big difference. It was 100% worth pursing that lead for 18 to 24 months.


So, for me, if we’re going to pursue somebody long-term, we want to make sure that

that person is qualified to be pursued. I’m willing to spend the time on someone who will eventually buy from me. If you sell something that is lower ticket, maybe that does not make sense for you, but high-ticket sales require tons of nurture and consistent follow up.


I think that oftentimes we underestimate the amount of time it’s going to take us to get somebody to buy for a million different reasons.

  • Are they in the buying window?

  • Do they have the need?

  • Is what you do seasonal or cyclical in some way?

  • Is it a high-ticket item?

  • Is it something somebody would have to clear their calendar?

  • for or have a lot of time for or be in a certain season of life for?


So, when we really think through all of the stars that have to align to get somebody to buy, we can’t make that assumption that… “Okay. Well I met that lead today and if they don’t buy within 90 days, I’m out.”


It’s just not the way that sales work.


So as long as your leads are qualified, I’m going to say that again, when you are pursuing a qualified prospect, you can be prepared to literally spend several years of pursuing this relationship before they purchase your high-ticket service … and that’s 100% okay!


So, be honest with yourself.


How long are you willing to pursue a prospect? Look at the buying decisions that you have made in the past. How long does it take you personally to decide to make a high-ticket purchase? 


Quick story: We recently bought a car and we had been looking at this car for 18 months.

We literally like walked into the car, dealership bought the car. But we didn’t buy it from

the original sales rep that took us on the test drive of the car because he stopped following up.


Really ask yourself. How long are you willing to pursue a lead for your high-ticket service? If you’re giving up too soon, you’re likely leaving money on the table. 

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