Win More Sales as a Trusted Advisor

Becoming a trusted advisor is going to change the game in your sales conversations. See as salespeople, we tend to view our prospects or potential clients, as the person with the power, the person with control, the people with the money, the people making decisions.


When we can put ourselves in a position as the trusted advisor, the person with the information and the insight that our prospects need. It’s going to be easier to close business.


What do I mean by becoming the trusted advisor?


When you can show your prospects that you understand them, you know their problems, that you really get what they’re dealing with and that you know, what’s going on in their world,

they’re going to trust you faster.


You are not an order taker. They’re not telling you what they need to buy. They’re not telling you what the solution is, you’re telling them. 


You’re saying, “Hey, I see you, I get you. I understand you. Here’s some information

that I think you’re going to find valuable. Here’s some information that some of our current clients have given us that I think are going to be really helpful for you.”


And when you are sharing that sort of insight and information you become the trusted advisor.


Let’s be honest, many of the products and services that you’re selling our ideal client, our prospects, they’ve never bought them before. So, if your client isn’t familiar with buying what you’re selling, they may not know how to make that buying decision.


They may not know what questions to ask what information to look for what’s available to them. So, when you can become that guide that trusted advisor through the sales process,

you’re going to build that known-like and-trust factor.


And ultimately as I shared before, win more business.

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