Hear YES More Often in Sales

4 Step Consult Framework

I’m going to walk you through our proven 4 step consult framework. The simple steps are as follows: 


Current Situation

Desired Situation

Why is this important to you?

Concrete Next Steps.


Current situation.

What is currently going on in their life or their business as it relates to why they’re on the phone with you? 


Desired situation.

What do they want? What results are they looking for? What will life look like when they get the result that they want? 


What is important to them? 

This is the part that most people skip. We’re great at finding the logical reason why someone would buy. But people don’t buy based on logic. People buy based on emotion and they justify with logic.


We need to know the emotional reason why someone wants to buy. Why is it truly important to them? These are the reason why people are going to pay high ticket

for your services.


Concrete next steps.

Regardless of the outcome of the sales call, if we get a no, if we get a maybe or if we get a yes, we want to have concrete next steps.


We never leave a sales conversation without having concrete next steps. 


If it’s a no, ask for permission to follow up.

  • Can I circle back in 90 days?

  • Can I see where things are in six months?

If you get a yes, schedule their onboarding.

  • Give them their next steps.


If we get a “let me think about it” or you can’t come to an agreement or overcome their objections, you want to schedule a follow-up meeting to get an answer.


Emails get overlooked. They go unread. Direct messages can get lost. I highly recommend not waiting to establish your next steps. I highly recommend determining your next meeting BEFORE the end of your sales call. 

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