How and When to Pitch | The #1 Rule When Pitching Your Services

Here’s the number one rule when it comes to pitching your services:

Do not pitch without permission! 

We do not pitch without permission. We should never be pitching our services to someone that we do not have permission to pitch to. We pitch our services

when we have permission.


We pitch when that person knows that they are getting onto a sales conversation to learn more about how our products or services are going

to fix a solution for them.

Do not sneak your pitch in the DMS.

Do not stick your pitch in networking or connection calls.

Do not stick your pitch in places it does not belong.


How do we pitch?


If you are selling one-to-one, high-ticket services, your pitch should sound different every time.


It should sound different every time.


While the features and the benefits of your service have not changed, the way that we pitch our services will change every single time because we want to

personalize it to the person on the other end of the phone.


We want to describe our solutions as the exact right fit for them.


We want to position our services as the very specific thing that’s going to help them get the very specific result that they told us that they wanted.


If you are selling one to one, you’ve already done an excellent discovery, you’re figuring out what they want and why they want it. Your solution should be the exact solution to that problem.


When you walk through your pitch, you want to mention their specific needs and how they are included. You want to tell them why it is important to them using the words that they used during their discovery call. 


Make them feel seen, heard, and understood.


Because the more personalized that your pitch is, the higher probability, you have of getting to yes!


Do not pitch without permission. 

Pitch your services as the exact right solution. 

Personalize your pitch to make the person on the other end feel seen, heard, and understood. 


Give this a try and watch your close rates skyrocket. 

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